About Us

Schedule Cracker provides unique project management business intelligence to empower all project stake holders with knowledge, promoting efficient project control.
Our success is inseparable from the success of our clients, so we strive to provide intuitive high quality solutions that our clients can trust, and pride ourselves of following the best software and business intelligence development practices.

Key Team Members

Dr. Mohamed Hegab


Subject Matter Expert (SME) & Data Architect

Dr. Hegab has over 18 years of diverse range of experience managing the project controls and claims on public, commercial, and construction projects. He has particular extensive expertise in project scheduling, claim analysis, negotiations, and resolution, cost estimating and controls. He has expertise in productivity analysis and improvement, and reengineering business processes. He is an active member of the ASCE, PMI, and CMAA. He holds a Doctorate degree in Civil Engineering/ Construction Management.

 As a director of the construction management department at California State University Northridge (CSUN), Dr. Hegab taught project management, scheduling, cost estimating, labor productivity, and contract and specifications several times.

 He has authored several innovative technical papers that have been published in prestigious ASCE journals such as:

     •Developing a Complexity Measure for Project Schedules.

    •Evaluating Cost Overruns of Asphalt Paving Project Using SPC Methods.

    •Using Weibull Analysis for Evaluation of Cost and Schedule Performance.

    •Decision Support System for Commencement Delay Claims.

    •Delay Time Analysis in Microtunneling Projects.

    •Contractual Risk Identification and Mitigation in Microtunneling and Trenchless Technology Projects.

    •Labor Performance Analysis for Microtunneling Projects.

    •Ranking of the Factors affecting Productivity of Microtunneling projects.

    •Modeling the Effect of Subjective Factors on Productivity of Trenchless Technology 

    •Application to Buried Infrastructure Systems.